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For private events or daily meals.

When I choose the ingredients that I bring to you to enjoy, your well-being is on the front of my mind. I intentionally search for fruits and vegetables that are organic and fresh. This is because I believe that fresh food has more prana (life-force energy) and sun light and will transfer its aliveness to your body. I avoid frozen food and I prefer to cook foods in smaller quantities so that the quality is preserved and so that I bring you dishes with the freshest possible ingredients. Most food-storage information implies that cooked food can be storage up to 7 days but I believe the energy lasts in the food no longer than 3 days. I regularly and promptly cook and deliver food based on this belief and my desire to offer you nourishment with ingredients that are the best of the best.


Soy free, oil free and gluten free options are available.

Are you busy and wish you had someone to make fresh, plant-based food for you that you can have at home?

Are you a new vegan and need help with prepping and cooking meals at home?


  • $50 per hour plus food cost. Private chef makes and delivers meals.

  • $60 per hour plus food cost. Privet chef cooks at your home or event.

  • $350, plus food expenses. Week package. Chef makes food at her home: one big meal for a
    day for 5 days in a week. Delivers on Monday for first 3 days and Thursday for next 2

  • $400, plus food expenses. Week package. Chef makes food at your home: one big meal
    including two dishes every day.

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