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Find your inner vegan.

Yoga means to unite. It is a unity of breath, physical practice, meditation and energy. It is a connection of mind, body and spirit. Such a union tends to neutralize ego-driven thoughts and behaviors, and can create a sense of spiritual awakening. Our yoga practice teaches us how to reconnect with our inner selves, nature and the universe.


At V-Karma, we believe in a yoga practice that brings all the elements together to meet in our body. We teach meditation, physical exercise (asanas), hatha and vinyasa yoga and and Kundalini yoga - the yoga of energy.

Are you a beginner or an advanced yogi? Are you looking for a new activity that combines spiritual and physical practice? Are you looking for an instructor to help deepen your everyday practice?


  • $45 1h outdoors yoga practice

  • $65 1h at yoga studio practice

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